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Meet KC ~

Kandi Cook 

~ CEO | Travel Designer ~

I’m Kandi Cook, also known as “That Tripping Chic”.

I show people how to live their best lives by designing

couture travel experiences.


I am a child of God, wife, momma, Gigi, serial-preneur,

fashionista & globe-trotter.


I LOVE travel, clothes, high-heels, handwritten notes,

long walks on the beach, massages, mani and pedis,

and dancing like no one’s watching.

For as long as I can remember I knew I wanted to SEE the world.

I also realize that planning trips can be

stressful and time consuming.

This is where I come in...

With my impeccable attention to detail and love for all things FABULOUS, my goal is to make sure that all of my clients receive five-star treatment.  

Allow me to design your next couture experience. 

Until you trip...

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